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It’s my pleasure to welcome you to Astin College. We are committed to helping you gain new skills, knowledge and professional competency, which may assist you in achieving employment or career progression. Astin College was established in 1997 to meet the high demand for a higher educational institution in Klang Valley that delivers high quality education, leading to accredited qualifications that are recognized and accepted locally and internationally.

We offer Student-Centred and Career-Oriented associate programmes which are accessible to individuals of diverse ages, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds.  It is important to have a balance in life, to study successfully and to deal with difficulties as they arise. Our friendly student support staff is available to provide you with assistance on any matters related to your study.

We look forward to helping you to achieve your study goals and making your experience at Astin enjoyable and memorable.

Please contact us if you would like further information about our courses. You can email through your contact details on our website, or call and speak to a staff member about your area of interest.

I am pleased to invite you to join us and let’s begin this journey together.