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When the first time I came to astin in 2014, I was really excited. I met many helpful lectures and friends. I learn the meaning of life in Astin College. I learn no matter how good your grades are but if your attitude is not good you won't succeed. I met lecturers who scold us like a mother, pamper us like a sister and close to us like a  friend. Thank you Astin College for giving me a lot of good values and memories.

Jaydeep Singh Bachelors of Business Administration (Hons) in HRM - UNITEN

The best thing I like about Astin is their lecturers. They are very good, friendly and dedicated. Students are able to adapt themselves because of this. The lecturers will always ensure that we understand what is being taught. The close by hostel makes it convenient for me to travel and also cost saving!

Nur Madiha Diploma in Accountancy

Astin has open up opportunity for me to further my studies. The fees are affordable and the lecturers are simply amazing!  

Amirul Azree Bachelors of Business Administration (Hons) in HRM - UNITEN

I like Astin because the teaching & learning method here is fun and effective. We get opportunities to practice what is being thought and also get involved in many activities. The lecturers at Astin are very capable, organized, creative. Astin also allows parents to discuss any matters at all time. I believe that’s the reasons why Astin is still strong in the education industry.

Putri Nuramalina Bachelors of Management, OB - USM

Astin is good in terms of how the education is being taught. The students can easily communicate and meet the lecturers. The lecture rooms are convenient for students to have discussion at any time.

Mohd Hanizam Bachelors of Management, Finance - USM

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